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Best Available Technologies of Sewage Collecting for Boat Tourism

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BATSECO-BOAT project improved the capacity and service level of sewage collecting in small boat ports in Estonian coast and in Finnish and Swedish archipelagos.

The project focused on finding and investing in best solutions for sewage collecting pump-out stations and implementing digital technology for easily locating and monitoring of the available sewage collecting stations.

The project was led by University of Turku and partners include KAT (Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association) in Finland, Ecoloop AB, Campus Roslagen and Norrtälje Municipality in Sweden, Brändö Municipality in Åland and KEST (Keep the Estonian Sea Tidy) and Viimsi Municipality in Estonia. The Swedish Transport Agency is included as an associated partner.

BATSECO-BOAT was funded by the European Union Interreg Central Baltic program and the total budget of the project was 1,48 million euros and it ran from 2017 to 2021.


Read more about the results of the project, available in four languages (Eng, Est, Swe, Fin) in pdf format  here


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